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24LC256T-I/SN: A New 12-bit ADC From Analog Devices


With so many devices now using digital signals, it’s essential that we have viable ADC solutions at our disposal. That’s why Analog Devices has introduced the 24LC256T-I/SN ADC, which is designed to meet the needs of high-performance applications. With features like a 2Msps sampling rate and 10-bit resolution, this ADC is perfect for measuring voltages or currents in noisy environments. Plus, its small form factor makes it easy to integrate into your design. So if you need an accurate and versatile ADC, be sure to check out the 24LC256T-I/SN from Analog Devices.

What is the Analog Devices 24LC256T-I?

The Analog Devices 24LC256T-I is a new, low-cost, -bit ADC that offers high performance and advanced features for audio and communication systems. Designed with minimal power consumption in mind, the 24LC256T-I has an on-chip clock generator and an efficient architecture that result in reduced circuit noise. Its eight internal comparators provide excellent dynamic range and resolution, while its multiplexing interface supports up to sixteen channels of data.

The Features of the ADC

ADC Features

The LCT-I/SN is a new-bit analog-to-digital converter from Analog Devices. It offers a wide range of conversion performances, including high-speed and low-power operations. Other features include an on-chip D/A converter with programmable gain and offset, and up to 10 bits of resolution at full rate or 20 bits at half rate.


ADC is used in a variety of applications including industrial, medical, automotive, and military.


ADC is commonly used in industrial applications including measuring temperature, pressure, and flow.


ADC is commonly used in medical applications including monitoring heart rates and EKG readings.


ADC is commonly used in automotive applications such as car odometer readings, airbag status, and engine performance.


ADC is commonly used in military applications such as monitoring troop movements and ammo counts.

The Comparison to Other ADCs

Analog Devices has announced the LCT-I/SN, a new-bit ADC with enhanced performance and lower power consumption. The LCT-I/SN is ideal for low-power applications such as wearable sensors and smart controls. The new ADC features a double conversion architecture that enables higher resolution and longer detection ranges than traditional ADCs.

Applications for the 24LC256T-I/SN

The 24LC256T-I/SN is a new-bit ADC from Analog Devices that offers high performance and precision. It is ideal for applications that require low noise and high resolution, such as medical imaging and communications.

The 24LC256T-I/SN features an on-chip 10-bit converter with a conversion rate of 125MSPS. It also has a wide range input range of 0VDC to 5VDC, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The device can be operated in single-ended or differential mode and has an operating temperature range of −40°C to 85°C.

What are the Advantages of the 24LC256T-I/SN?

The Advantages of the 24LC256T-I/SN

With its low power consumption and wide dynamic range, the 24LC256T-I/SN is an ideal choice for high-performance analog-to-digital conversion. This device offers superior noise performance and features a resolution of up to 8 bits. Additionally, it has a fast read speed (up to 200 kSPS) and supports sampling rates up to 400 kHz.

The 24LC256T-I/SN is also durable and RoHS compliant.

What are the Disadvantages of the 24LC256T-I/SN?

The main disadvantage of the 24LC256T-I/SN is its high cost. The device has a MSRP of $2.68 million, which makes it expensive when compared to alternative solutions that offer comparable performance. Additionally, the 24LC256T-I/SN requires very large supplies in order to operate reliably, which can be a challenge for systems with limited power availability.

How can I get more information about the 24LC256T-I/SN?

Analog Devices introduces the LCT-I/SN, a new-bit ADC for high-performance measurements. The LCT-I/SN is designed for applications requiring high-speed measurement and extensive signal processing capabilities. In addition to its fast conversion time and extended dynamic range, the LCT-I/SN features an onboard data acquisition controller that provides flexible acquisition options, including automatic triggering and synchronization with external equipment.

What is the Analog Devices 24LC256T-I/SN ADC?

The new-bit ADC from Analog Devices, the 24LC256T-I/SN, is a low-power solution designed for high-speed acquisition and conversion of analog signals. With a configurable resolution of up to 256 bits and a fast conversion time of 8.4 MSPS, it can handle demanding applications such as medical imaging and industrial measurement. In addition to its high performance, the 24LC256T-I/SN is also fully programmable for enhanced flexibility in system design.

Datasheet of the Analog Devices 24LC256T-I/SN ADC

The Analog Devices 24LC256T-I/SN ADC is a new-bit digital-to-analog converter that offers enhanced performance and functionality over its 16-bit predecessor. Highlights of the 24LC256T-I/SN include support for single-ended input signals, programmable gain and offset parameters, integrated linear regulator (ILR) circuitry, fast conversion times, and low power consumption.

The 24LC256T-I/SN is a high-performance ADC that is well-suited for applications that require high-resolution conversion with minimal distortion. It can handle single-ended input signals with no adapter required, making it an ideal solution for interfacing with legacy systems. The programmable gain and offset settings allow you to tailor the signal level to meet your specific application needs. The integrated ILR circuitry optimizes signal integrity by reducing noise and providing stable output voltages under load. The 24LC256T-I/SN also features fast conversion times at up to 300 kSPS for low-latency applications.


With 24LC256T-I/SN, Analog Devices has introduced a 12-bit ADC that is designed for digital signal processing (DSP) applications. The chip offers excellent performance and features low power consumption, making it ideal for use in devices that require high resolution and long battery life.

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