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Headset and Hearing Aid solutions

Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant and wished you could hear what the hostess was saying? Or in a classroom with students sitting all around you wishing you could concentrate on the professor? Did you know that in our busy lives, we spend a lot of time trying to focus or talk. But the noise bombards us and distracts us? Most people find this unpleasant and a major distraction. This is why Headset and Hearing Aids can be so helpful. A Headset and Hearing Aid can help you hear better in noisy places, in restaurants and at lectures or meetings.

If you have hearing problems and are looking for help, a headset can help. This is a user-friendly solution when hearing loss is due to reverberation or amplified ambient noise. Not many people know that we can order earphones at hearing aid stores. Hearing aids can help people hear better in crowded places.

Functional principle:

The Headset and Hearing Aid solution shared by Bomzon uses LQG15HS15NJ02D as the main control inductor, and alternative solutions include LQP03TG10NH02D, LQP15MN3N9B02D, etc.

Headset and Hearing Aid function advantages:

Rechargeable batteries – Included rechargeable Zinc-Air battery is designed for long life and daily use. The charger plugs into any USB outlet. There are no charging ports or removable battery doors. Just one simple on/off switch and volume control dial on each device.

The advanced digital amplification provides a full dynamic range of ultra clear sound with reduced background noise.

Small, discreet, lightweight and comfortable. The above is the sharing of headphone and hearing aid solutions. If you have its development needs, you can contact us directly.

These affordable devices are designed by audiologists using the latest frequency band digital sound processing technology. Helps amplify speech while actively reducing background noise. Making this design the most efficient and economical hearing aid to date.

The above is the sharing of Headset and Hearing Aid solutions. If you have its development needs, you can contact us directly. BOMZON has over 20 years of industry experience and design experience. We will provide you with satisfactory and thoughtful service.

We can design schematic diagrams according to customer needs.

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