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The reliability of the aluminium electrolytic capacitor

What is meant by Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor?

An aluminium electrolytic capacitor is a particular kind of capacitor that employs an aluminium-based electrolyte to provide a higher capacitance than other capacitor kinds. These capacitors, also known as polarized capacitors, are frequently used in power supply.

An electrolytic capacitor is a polarized capacitor with an aluminium oxide layer on the anode or positive plate, which serves as a dielectric. Between the anode and the cathode, the aluminium oxide layer acts as a barrier to stop the passage of electrons.

Early stages of electrolytic capacitor:

  • The electrolytic capacitor has been around for a while. Its roots may be traced back to the earliest beginnings of radio when the first entertainment broadcasts were created. At the time, wireless valve sets were fairly pricey and battery-operated. However, it was only with the introduction of the external constant heat regulator or space tube that it was able to use AC mains energy.
  • However, using an AC supply to power, the heaters were fine; the anode source desirable to be adjusted and rounded down to eliminate mains hum noise. Who played a significant role in developing wireless sets for household use was able to create the electrolytic capacitor, which allowed the use of a component with a suitable high capacitance but manageable size in the wireless sets of the time.

The Construction of aluminium electrolytic capacitors:

  • Two thin sheets of aluminium foil are used to make this capacitor, with the insulating oxide layer covering one of the layers. Due to the usage of aluminium foil, the capacitor is frequently referred to as an aluminium electrolytic capacitor.
  • The anode is formed in the next step. A small coating of aluminium oxide, Al2O3, must be chemically grown upon it to distinguish the anode foil from the cathode.
  • On a winding machine, the capacitor component itself is coiled. The created anode foil, paper separator, cathode foil, and paper separator are the four independent layers that are brought in and twisted together. Two electrodes cannot contact or are short due to the paper separators.
  • The electrolytes used in aluminium capacitors were designed with a certain rated voltage, operating temperature range and other characteristics. It comprises a salt and a solvent (required to provide the electrical conduction). Ethylene glycol is a popular solvent, whereas ammonium borate and other ammonium salts are common.
  • The capacitor is then located in a tightly closed container to stop the electrolyte from disappearing once this process is complete.
  • After being twisted around one another, the two plates are put in a container containing a paper sheet submerged in an electrolyte. Etching the foils to raise their surface area and, as a result, the amount of capacitance that can be gained in a given space is one of the first processes in manufacturing an aluminium electrolytic capacitor.

The Characteristics of aluminium electrolytic capacitors:

  • Compared to most ceramic capacitors, aluminium electrolytic capacitor offer a significantly greater amount of capacitance for an assumed capacity. Accordingly, high-value electrolytic capacitors may be rather compact. In many situations, this is a huge benefit.
  • Electrolytic capacitors are polarized, meaning there is only one way to position them in a circuit. If they are linked improperly, they risk harm and, in rare circumstances, an explosion. Furthermore, caution should be used to avoid exceeding the suggested operating power. Usually, they ought to have functioned well under this limit.
  • The tolerance of the electrolytic capacitor is very broad. Typically, the component’s value can be expressed with a tolerance of -50% to 100%. Despite this, they are frequently used as coupling capacitors in audio and control supply smoothing applications. They are normally not utilized for frequencies beyond 50 to 100 kHz since they perform poorly at high frequencies.
  • The electrolytic capacitors are used in various places, including power supplies and computer motherboards. When a high capacitance is needed and fault current is not a major consideration, these capacitors are utilized.

Design of Electrified capacitors:

  • Aluminium electrolytic capacitors are typically used in power supply applications that require high capacitance in small, energy-dense designs with very low electrical equivalent resistance (ESR).
  • Polarized types known as electrolytic have a limited operating temperature range (about 20° to +85°C), a poor frequency response, and a short equipment life.
  • While ceramic capacitors frequently withstand storage conditions outside their intended operating-temperature range, electrolytic capacitors can be damaged by unpowered storage at either low or high temperatures. The power lines are reliable, and however, if these container designs are used in a location with a lot of structural shock and vibration, additional support is usually needed.
  • Specialized circular mounting gear, often clamping tools with feet that latch to a chassis or circuit board and securely hold the capacitor, is available for larger devices.

Application of aluminium electrolytic capacitor:

  • It is used in a variety of filtering systems to decrease voltage fluctuations.
  • When the DC signal is weak when combined with the AC component, filtering is used in output and input smoothing.
  • They are often utilized in power supplies for noise filtering or decoupling.
  • They are also used to store energy in flash lamps and to couple signals between amplifier stages.


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