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A quick guide to magnetic bead inductor

What is meant by Magnetic Bead Inductor?

  • An inductor that generates a magnetic field using a ferrite bead is known as a magnetic bead inductor. It is also called a magnetic core inductor. In electronics, inductors are devices that store energy when current flows through them. They are used to store energy in various ways and generate high-frequency signals. The substance used to make the bead is typically iron or nickel. 
  • The bead receives a current from the inductor, turning it on. A coil of wire that generates a magnetic field when current passes through it is called an inductor. They are also known as ferrite bead inductors and are passive electronic parts made up of a coil of wire wound around a toroid or ferrite bead. The bead functions as an inductor by limiting the passage of high-frequency currents. 

What exactly is an inductor? 

An inductor is a device that allows electricity to flow through a wire without resistance. It’s called an inductor because it induces a current in another conductor when placed near it. It converts electrical energy from the mains electricity supply to an alternate form useful to our appliances and also increases their efficiency by creating magnetic fields within them. The magnetic beads provide an effective solution for cleaning up the process water system because they have high mechanical resistance and corrosion-resistant properties. Moreover, their low cost makes them suitable for many applications. 

Design layout:

  • Its unique design provides a high-performance level while minimizing space requirements. One side of the coil has a magnet, and the other is connected to a circuit. When electricity passes through the coil, the magnetic field changes and creates a voltage across the terminals of the loop.
  • A voltmeter or oscilloscope measures this voltage. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy using electromagnetic induction. These coils are usually made up of many turns and spaced apart. 
  • It has two terminals connected to the coil to supply current. When an alternating current permits through the coil, the attractive pitch induces currents in nearby conductors. 
  • The ferrite has a low resistance to the low-frequency current that flows through it but substantially attenuates the higher-frequency current. The equivalent circuit consists of an inductor and a controller associated in sequence, with the values of the two components being inversely correlated with the distance of the attractive droplets. 
  • The high-frequency current radiates as heat. There are several magnetic beads, and makers should include technical details, particularly the connection between impedance and frequency.

The Mechanism of Magnetic Beads inductor:

  • Ferrite is the primary raw material used to make magnetic beads. The ferrite has a cubic lattice structure and is a cubic ferromagnetic material. Ferrite is an iron-nickel alloy or an iron-magnesium alloy. Its production method and automatic features are comparable with those of stoneware. High-frequency filters frequently use ferrite, a form of the magnetic core, and ferrite materials designed for reducing electromagnetic interference.
  • The relatively high-frequency high-resistance capacitance created by the inductor’s coil windings is reduced by this material’s extraordinarily high-frequency loss and extremely magnetic permeability.
  • Ferrite materials are usually used in extreme frequency applications because of their primarily inductive low-frequency behaviour and reduced losses. At high frequencies, they mostly exhibit reactance characteristics and oscillate often.
  • Ferrite materials are employed as high-frequency attenuators for RF circuits in real-world applications. The parallel connection of the resistor and the inductor might be superior to the ferrite. 
  • The inductor short-circuits the resistor at a low frequency, while the inductor’s high-frequency impedance rises to such a level that the current flows through the resistor.
  • Magnetic bead inductor has been used for years by various industries such as steel manufacturing, metallurgy, power generation, etc. It is widely known for its high efficiency and stability and is also considered one of the most effective equipment used in various applications.
  • As a result, magnetic beads can be found in industrial machinery, electronic parts, vehicles, energy storage systems, etc. It offers more advantages than other types of inductors. 

Advantages of Magnetic bead inductor:

  • Easy to install
  • Operate at medium and high frequency
  • The high value of inductance 
  • High magnetic permeability
  • Low eddy current losses
  • Complete screening
  • Excellent dielectric strength 

Application of Magnetic bead inductor:

  • The tuning circuits can choose the required frequency with the use of inductors. The inductor and capacitor types work in various electronic devices, counting radio tuning circuits and televisions, to change frequency and aid in frequency selection across several channels.
  • The contactless inductive proximity sensor has a very high operational reliability. The primary underlying theory of it is inductance, where the magnetic field within the coil will resist the passage of electric current. Traffic lights employ a proximity sensor technique to gauge traffic density.
  • An inductor is a component of an electric circuit that stores energy when current flows through it. Inductors are used in transformers and other types of circuits where they store energy as magnetic flux.  The inductance of a coil depends on its size, number of turns, and material from which it is made.


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