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The need for TVS/ESD diodes in electronic systems

What is meant by TVS/ESD Diodes?

  • TVS diodes absorb excess power from the interface, external terminals, and other sources to safeguard equipment and stop circuits from malfunctioning. They are effective at suppressing or absorbing static electricity or short-pulse Voltage.
  • Protection against ESD induced by electrical currents and Surges has recently received more attention for a variety of applications, from commercial to consumer electronic equipment. To protect the device from anomalous transient voltages that enter from external terminals and cause damage and failure, bomzon offers TVS/ESD diodes.

The Essential for TVS/ESD Diodes in Electronic Systems:

  • The diodes play a crucial role in every electrical system. They safeguard your electronics from voltage spikes and electrostatic discharge, extending their lifespan. Your electronics are vulnerable to harm from these typical risks if you don’t have TVS/ESD diodes. 
  • The demand for TVS diodes in electronic systems as the world depends more and more on electronic gadgets increases the requirement for surge protection. Utilizing TVS/ESD diodes is one method of defence against these surges.
  • To protect electronic circuits against the risks of transients and overvoltage, such as EFT (electrical current fast transients) and ESD, a protective diode known as a transient voltage suppressor diode, also known as a TVS diode, is used (electrostatic discharge). Because of their short response times (low clamping voltage), lower capacitor, and low leakage current, silicon avalanche transistors like TVS Diodes are extensively utilized. Circuit topologies for both unidirectional (uni-polar) and bidirectional (bi-polar) diodes.
  • When selecting TVS Diodes, it’s important to consider Reverse Standoff Volt (VR), Maximum Pulsed Current (IPP), and Highest Clamping Voltage (VC max).

How to choose TVS/ESD diodes?

To choose TVS diodes for typical interfaces is explained in the following. To set up a parametric search to identify TVS diodes, adhere to these procedures.

  • Line signal voltages:

TVS diode with a VRWM greater than this Voltage should be chosen. 

  • Signal direction

For a dual-polarity line, use a bidirectional TVS diode. A single or bidirectional TVS diode can be utilized for a single-polarity line. For negative-polarity signals, individual unidirectional TVS diodes offer higher ESD protection. Consider using a unidirectional TVS diode in place of the existing one if an IC is damaged even with a TVS diode present. 

  • Signal speed

A TVS diode could compromise signal integrity with a large CT total capacitance. Choose a TVS diode with a suitable capacitance depending on the signal frequency.

  • Reduce Voltage

A TVS diode with a clamp voltage greater than the line voltage has strong ESD protection performance.

  • IEC 61000-4-2

A TVS diode with an ESD tolerance level is guaranteed to be higher than the system’s ESD immunity requirement. But keep in mind that the TVS/ESD diode tolerance is often inversely correlated with its total capacitance CT.

What is the purpose of TVS/ESD diodes?

To shield semiconductor components from high-voltage transients, TVS diodes are utilized. They have p-n junctions that are larger than those of normal diodes, allowing them to carry high currents to grounding without harm. The development of portable electronic devices has increased the demand for higher electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. One of the most widely utilized ESD protection devices in use today is the transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode.

How do TVS Diodes function?

  • Numerous internal and external causes, as well as spikes and overvoltage occurrences, might contribute to these problems. Transients can be challenging to forecast since their duration and intensity can vary widely. Some repeatedly occur, while others only once. Thus, TVS diodes are crucial components that you should utilize to safeguard your circuit against the threat of transients.
  • Normally, transient voltage suppressors are connected in series with the circuit. They can work to limit the amount of Voltage that can travel through a junction at any one moment and filter current to safeguard the circuit. This is really helpful if spikes do occur. The clamping action then reduces the Voltage to a predetermined level and directs any surplus voltage toward the ground and away from the circuit.
  • It shields electronic components against high-voltage ESD coming from a USB line or another source. TVS diodes absorb excessive Voltage from interfaces, external terminals, and other sources to safeguard equipment and stop circuits from malfunctioning. They are effective at suppressing or absorbing static electricity or short-pulse Voltage.

Applications of TVS/ESD diodes:

To guard against overvoltage, arcs, fast electrical transients, electrostatic discharge, inductive load switching, and even lightning strikes, TVS diodes are employed in integrated circuits (ICs). Transient voltage suppressors protect the following equipment and components in their various uses and applications:

  • A MOS memory
  • Telecommunications tools
  • Microprocessors
  • Lines of AC electricity
  • Household electrical devices

These parts have an advantage over conventional diodes since they have a larger P-N junction cross-sectional area. Because of their bigger size, TVS diodes can safely transfer higher currents to the ground, lowering the risk of injury. They also provide a rapid response to large transient spikes, functioning swiftly to reduce the Voltage and provide circuit protection.


TVS/ESD diodes are devices that can assist shield your electronic components from harm caused by electrical surges or static electricity. These diodes provide several advantages over other protective devices and might be employed in various uses. Because they shield electronic components from electrostatic discharge damage, TVS/ESD diodes are crucial (ESD). The demands of our customers come first. It is advantageous to use in several contexts. BOMZON aim to be available to our customers throughout their whole lives. Our team developed a design that results in better performance and reasonable cost. An independent laboratory has tested it to ensure its compatibility with other systems. We are delighted to be of service to you. Please do not be reluctant to contact us. You can buy them from our website and enjoy their beautiful benefits. Get more information to visiting our website.

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