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The RJ45 connector is the de facto connector for most cables

RJ45 connector

There are several ways of making a connection between devices in a Local Area Network (LAN). The most popular solution is the use of Ethernet cables and switches, but nowadays, many users prefer wireless solutions due to their flexibility. If you have a home network or other small network that uses an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address, you can use the much simpler Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to connect your devices. However, if your devices don’t support this protocol, you will need to use Wi-Fi instead. In this article, we will see how to set up a simple wired connection with rj45 connector on your computer and router.

What is an rj45 Connector?

RJ45 connectors are used for terminating cables in data networks and for connecting devices in an Ethernet network. There are 8 connectors inside an RJ45 connector. Each pin is assigned a specific function, but, in some cases, two pins can be combined to perform one function. For example, the first pin is used for sending data and the second pin is used for receiving it. However, the third and fourth pins are used for sending the data and the fifth and sixth pins are used for receiving it, because a standard RJ45 connector is unidirectional. You can learn which pin is used for which function by reading the article called “Everything You Need to Know About RJ45 Connectors”.

Finding the rj45 port on your device

The first step is to find the rj45 port on your computer or router. The following devices have an rj45 port: Computer – You should find an RJ45 port on the back or side of your computer or, in some cases, on the front. Router – You should find an RJ45 port on the back of your router. Hub – You should find an RJ45 port on the side of your hub. Switch – You should find an RJ45 port on the back of your switch. Modem – You should find an RJ45 port on the back of your modem. If you don’t know where the rj45 port is on your device, you can use the Internet to find it.

How to set up a wired connection with rj45 connector?

If you have a computer that supports Ethernet and a router with an Ethernet connection, you can set up a wired connection between them using an Ethernet cable. You will need to use an RJ45 connector to plug your computer’s Ethernet port into the router’s Ethernet port. The following instructions are for Windows computers.

Ethernet Cable

You can buy a 10-foot Ethernet cable for less than $5. You can also use the cable that came with your computer or router. You should make sure that the cable is long enough for your needs. You don’t want to have a connection that is too short because you might trip on the cable and disconnect it.

Pros of using an rj45 cable connection

– Easy to set up – You can set up an Ethernet connection between two devices in just a few minutes. – No interference – Unlike Wi-Fi, Ethernet cables don’t emit any radio frequency, so they don’t interfere with other devices. – No signal interference – Wireless connections sometimes have trouble when there are people nearby who are using their cell phones, but you won’t have this problem with an Ethernet cable. – No internet connection issues – A wireless connection can sometimes experience issues because of signal interference, server issues, or a weak internet connection. An Ethernet connection doesn’t experience these issues. – Easy to troubleshoot – If your wireless connection isn’t working, you might not know how to fix it, but with an Ethernet connection, you will know exactly what to do if there is a problem. – More secure – You will have a more secure network with an Ethernet cable because you are guarding against outside interference that can occur with wireless connections. – Fewer dropped connections – If you have a wireless connection and your device gets too far away from the router, the connection might drop. With an Ethernet cable, you can keep your device as far away from the router as you want and the connection will remain strong. – Less risk of hacking – If your devices are connected using Wi-Fi, there is a risk that someone could hack into your network. An Ethernet cable connection will greatly reduce this risk.

Cons of using an rj45 cable connection

– Installation can be difficult – Although this is usually the case, there are ways to make the installation easier. You can hire a professional to do it for you, look for a router that has automatic setup, or read the instructions carefully. – You can’t move the devices around – An Ethernet cable connection has to be set up in a specific way. If you move the devices, you will have to tear out the Ethernet cable and plug it into the new spot. – You need more devices – Setting up a wireless connection only requires one device, but setting up an Ethernet cable connection requires two. – You can’t access the Internet – If you want to use your Ethernet cable connection to access the Internet, you will have to plug a modem into the router. This means that all of your devices will have to be plugged into the modem. This can get quite messy if you have a large household.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that an Ethernet cable connection is the simplest and most reliable way to connect your devices. If you are using two or more devices that are close to each other, Ethernet is the best solution. On the other hand, if you have to stretch a connection between two distant devices, using Ethernet might not be feasible. You will probably have to use Wi-Fi in this situation, unless you want to go through the trouble of setting up an Ethernet cable connection.

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